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Inefficiencies in a home plumbing system can lead to clogged drains and this can be a source of much frustration and inconvenience. A clog in the kitchen drain might stop you from completing making a meal while another one in the bathroom will make it impossible for you to take a shower comfortably. In extreme cases, clogged drains are not just inconvenient but also capable of causing overflows, flooding and could lead to extensive damage. A clog should therefore be addressed as a matter of urgency. Trust Scott’s Plumbing for your clogged drain repair in Spokane, Washington.

Early warning signs of a clogged drain

When you keep a keen eye on your plumbing system, you can tell from an early stage that your drains need to be attended. Some of the trouble signs you need to look out for include the following:

clogged drain repair

Slow draining or overflowing

One of the earliest signs that your drains could be clogged comes in the form of slow draining. In the kitchen sink, for example, you’ll notice that water takes longer than usual to get drained after you turn the tap off. Unless you address this problem quickly, it’ll not take too long for the sink to start overflowing.

Odors from the drains

Even when the drains are draining in a manner you think satisfactory, you might notice that after some time there’s a permanent foul odor coming from the drains despite your best efforts to keep them clean. What this could imply is that there are food particles, grease and other forms of debris trapped in the drain and these could have started decomposing – immediate action is necessary as a complete clog will be the result when the debris gets stuck.

Reduced water pressure

The possibility of a clog could also manifest itself in the form of reduced water pressure. In the bathroom, you can easily notice this as you already know the kind of pressure you normally expect from the shower.

clogged drain Spokane
Don't try cleaning your clogged drain without a professional

The culprits of a clogged drain

While in most cases clogging happens gradually, sometimes it can happen very quickly and knowing the cause of clogs is necessary as it’ll help you know how to avoid them.

In the kitchen, the biggest causes of clogs are the seemingly harmless cooking oils and the resultant greases. While these substances are liquid when you release them down the sink, they’ll harden when they reach the piping system and will easily create a clog.

Food particles, especially those from starchy foods should never be released into the sink because what happens is that they soak plenty of water and could expand immensely and eventually create a clog.

In the toilet, only toilet paper should be released into the toilet bowl. You should especially be careful not to release sanitary wipes here. Even though wipes might appear flushable, it is important to note that they do not dissolve as toilet paper does and could easily cause a clog.

The dos and don’ts

A clogged drain can be a source of much pressure and some people who do not have pro plumbing knowledge try some quick fixes. Such people usually rely on advice from online sources which are not always reliable. Some people will therefore apply chemical solutions in the affected areas. This kind of solution is only temporary as it will simply create holes in the debris to allow water to flow. Chemical solutions do not get rid of the debris completely and, in most cases, the chemicals used are capable of damaging pipes.

The ideal way to deal with clogged drains is to get your entire plumbing system professionally inspected. Pros have the tools to pinpoint problems with accuracy. At the least, you should endeavor to get your drain system professionally cleaned once every two years. Any clogged drain should also be attended to by pros.

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